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What good is a great website if no one ever sees it?

There are people searching every day for a company to do business with. Right now, they are finding your competitors.

Professional Search Engine Optimization

It’s one thing to have a great looking, functional website, but if your customers cannot find you, you are not getting a return on that investment. Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your business the obvious choice where people are actually looking for you online. Google ranks websites based on two main factors; authority and relevance. In order to show up at the top of the search engines, you need to have both. When building your digital marketing campaign, we understand there is no one size fits all. For many service businesses, the area they serve is regional, and local search and Google Maps optimization is key to success. That, coupled with the base services we offer help to build up your website’s authority in the organic search and local maps. This sets your business up as an expert in your local area and get your phone ringing.
  • Thousands of people seach online for your type of business every day. Right now they are finding your competitors.
  • Websites that rank well in the search understand their niche and are consistant in their execution.
  • Every year, Google changes it’s algorithm 500-600 times. We watch these changes daily.

Also, make sure to ask for our free book on how to do SEO called "DIY SEO for Small Business".

Services Included in Every Campaign

Full Website Audit Go
Includes 100+ page comprehensive report. We will review it with you to ensure you understand exactly where you’re at.
Keyword Research Go
We check keyword volume, click through, competition, and term popularity to create an ideal keyword list.
Analytics Setup Go
If you do not have analytics set up yet, we will get it plugged in. Knowing your numbers is the only way to grow.
Facebook Business Page Go
Every business needs a few things, one of which is a Facebook page. We will make sure it’s dialed in to maximize our efforts.
Google Maps Optimization Go
Google highly favors their maps and directory listings. It is critical to get this exactly correct. We pay attention to the details.
On-Page Optimzation Go
We comb through your website’s code and tweak it to be clearly readable to search enignes.
Website Localization Go
In order to show up where your customers are looking your website needs to reflect your local area.
Social Media Optimization Go
We make sure all of your social profiles have completed and accurate business information.
Customer Reviews Go
Gathering customer reviews on a consistent basis is key to staying up high in the search.
Reputation Management Go
Software monitors your name across the itnernet and alerts the Fringe team if someone has a problem so we can address it.
Citations & Directory Listings Go
Listings is one of the ebst ways to show Google you are in it to win it. We continually add new citations every month.
Monthly Progress Report Go
Every month we report back on what we did, what the outcome was, and what we are going to do moving forward.


Today’s SEO can be complex. With over 260 factors that the search engines take into account when assigning a value to a website, it is important to have the right mix in building a professional SEO campaign. Below is a summary of the approach that we take in setting up your SEO Campaign and the ongoing work that we do to make it a success. We work with you to make sure we are doing everything we can to promote your business online in a way that reflects your goals for your business. We also have access to top of the line SEO tools from authoritative sources such as SEOMoz. Search Engine Optimization is marketing, not advertising. The long term benefits of top Organic rankings delivers an ROI far greater than TV, Radio, Print, and online advertising. To learn more, get in touch with us.


Ranking in the top Organic listings on Google adds trust to your business. It is like Google giving your business a referral, and it translates to increased conversation.

When someone is looking for a company to do business with, most people will click on the Organic Search Results & Maps.